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Relative Compression Inc. focuses on providing tailored solutions that work for you. We offer specialty tools and services for screw compressors, instrument air compressors, and centrifugal compressors to help you in your natural gas, petrochemical, cogeneration, vapour recovery, and process refrigeration applications. By rebuilding compressors, Relative Compression Inc. is able to provide a cost effective and preventative approach to bring your compressor back to its original condition.

Screw Compressors Service

Screw compressors are preferred over several other types of compressors because of their continuous sweeping movement that produces minimal pulsation. Their rotary type positive displacement mechanism forces compressed air inside a closed chamber making the air circulate through threaded screws. This rotary movement reduces the energy required when compared to reciprocating compressors. They also do not require spring suspension because of the minimal vibration output during operation. Relative Compression Inc. can help you with in-house restoration and field service and maintenance for your screw compressors to ensure your compressor’s service life is prolonged and will work as new.

Instrument Air Compressors

Relative Compression Inc. provides thorough servicing and maintenance on instrument air compressors to ensure the longevity of your compressor. Considering the importance of an instrument air compressor in controlling the application of air for process control equipment, Relative Compression Inc. will ensure that there is minimal downtime in maintaining and servicing your compressor.

Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal compressors add velocity to a continuous, non-cycling flow by passing fluid through a centrifugal impeller which forces the flow to spin faster and faster, consequently increasing pressure between the inlet and outlet. Centrifugal compressors have fewer rubbing parts, are energy efficient, and give high airflow for their size, proving a superior design. This makes centrifugal compressors highly effective for several applications including air conditioning, refrigeration, HVAC, gas turbines, automotive engine and diesel engine turbochargers and superchargers, pipeline compressors, and natural gas production and transportation. Relative Compression Inc. has the reliable resources, knowledge of compression technologies, and over 35 years of experience to bring your centrifugal compressor to manufacturer specifications and standards. We will always strive to deliver a product which performs as expected, on time and at a competitive price.